4 Ways to Keep Your Commercial Architecture Design Costs Down

True or False? Working with an architect may actually save you money.

Believe it or not, this is true.

You’ll pay a fee for your architect’s services, but that fee could be considerably less than the possible overrun, fines, and delay costs your commercial architecture project might face if your building design has flaws.

Commercial Architecture Design Elements That Can Reduce Costs

There are many factors in your design which could impact your total project cost – both in the short and long term. Here are four main ways an architect can help keep your commercial building costs down:

1. Sustainability and Usage Costs

Your architect will help you understand the best method and process for designing a space that is sustainable, both for your needs and the environment.

Part of this process will include selecting a site (either a new location or an existing building) for your commercial architecture project. Your architect will help determine which option will be the most cost effective for your plans, considering construction, operating costs, building longevity, and environmental impacts.

2. Energy and Power Usage Costs

In 2016, residential and commercial buildings accounted for about 40% of total energy usage in the U.S. The method you choose to supply power to your building will impact the total cost over time.

Your architect will be able to advise on the most effective and eco-friendly solutions without leading to unforeseen cost increases.

3. Material and Construction Costs

Different materials have different prices and can greatly influence the total cost of your commercial architecture project. Picking the wrong material can cost you thousands of dollars in overrun. Your architect will be an expert about which materials will be right for your project while keeping you on budget.

In addition, as construction costs increase, so do labor and bidding costs. Your architect will be experienced throughout the building process and will help ensure your project stays on your timeline and on budget from design to completion.

4. Safety and Compliance Costs

When designing your building, it’s imperative that you consider safety standards, which can include fire protection, air quality, severe weather preparation, and even safety from attacks.

Your architect will be knowledgeable regarding safety and compliance and will warn you ahead of time if your design violates any codes, which will help you avoid any potential and costly delays, reworks, and fixes.

Save Money on Your Commercial Architecture Project

It is possible to design and manage your project on your own. But consider hiring an architect to save money in the long run – and take some of the stress off your shoulders.

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