2019 Trends in Residential and Home Architecture
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One of the biggest residential architecture trends in 2019 is the demand for energy efficiency.Today's homeowners desire more eco-conscious greener homes that help them save money on electricity bills every month and demonstrate their concern for the environment.Home designers and architects are therefore working hand in hand to create designs that utilize readily available materials in the surrounding environment to keep costs down now and in the future....

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2019 Trends in Commercial Building Architecture
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With 2019 already rolling in, it's becoming evident which trends are taking over. And when it comes to commercial architecture, you might be surprised at what's new. Years of plain and minimalist designs are giving way to deco skyscrapers and loft-style buildings. Whether you're planning to build or merely doing renovations, looking at the commercial architecture trends of 2019 can give you some much-needed inspiration for your project....

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How Physical Orientation Impacts Residential Design
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What is Orientation? Orientation is the disposition of certain parts of a house in relation to seasonal
variations of the sun. A home oriented for solar design is basically a building positioned with respect
to the sun, usually to take advantage of solar energy when required in summer and to minimize heat
conductance during winter.

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The Role of History in Architecture
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Have you ever thought about the undeniability of gravity? Nearly everything we do has to consider gravity. The mere fact that you have to lift a package off the floor and that it doesn't just float around is a testament to the omnipotence of gravity. Architects also have to deal with it. From the materials they use to the energy systems they design, they have to consider it....

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Top 3 Benefits of Using Recycled Building Materials
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If you're working on a project, whether it's a full-fledged construction or a simple do-it-yourself project, you can benefits immensely from the use of recycled building materials. They can help you cut the costs and can still be appealing in an aesthetic sense. But perhaps the most significant advantage is that they help to preserve the environment. Let's take a closer look at the three major benefits....

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