2019 Trends in Residential and Home Architecture

Posted February 6, 2019 | Tags: energy efficiency

One of the biggest residential architecture trends in 2019 is the demand for energy efficiency.

Today's homeowners desire more eco-conscious greener homes that help them save money on electricity bills every month and demonstrate their concern for the environment.

Home designers and architects are therefore working hand in hand to create designs that utilize readily available materials in the surrounding environment to keep costs down now and in the future.   

Here are five residential architecture trends to watch out for this year:   

1. Sustainable and Eco-Conscious Architecture  

If there's anything to take away from 2018, it's that sustainable, eco-friendly architecture is here to stay. Eco-friendly designs are dominating the industry. Some of the latest innovations include green rooftops and gardens, as well as green walls.  2018 witnessed the increased use of recyclable materials in construction, and 2019 will likely exceed last year’s level. The most common building materials, i.e. glass, plastic, bricks, and metal all come from some previously used material, and this production process helps lower energy demands and emissions by up to 80 percent!  

2. Spacious and Open-Space Designs  

The concept of open-plan designs that seamlessly transition from one room to another is nothing new. While this trend won't fade away anytime soon, architects are becoming increasingly conscious of defining the various rooms in a house to prevent open spaces from looking too flat and uninspiring. This will be achieved by breaking up floor levels, changing the color and style of floors, lighting rooms differently and even having a separate island for the kitchen area. This year, you'll notice even more spacious, open-plan arrangements that beautifully designate different living and working zones in homes.  

3. 1960s Inspired A-Frame Houses  

Once thought to be an outdated, an archaic style best left to the traditionalists, A-frame houses are now making a big comeback as the next best thing in residential home design. Today, A-frames combine the classic steep, triangular shape of the 60s with modern add-ons like beautiful front porches and large glass windows. They are valued for their simple and minimalist design which stands out from the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. And because of their low-cost and eco-friendly nature, we're very curious to see if this trend becomes popular here in Alabama as well.  

4. Bold Color Combinations  

2018 was all about bringing clean shades and neutral colors into the home. This year, architects are taking a more edgy approach with lively reds, fresh metallics, and variations of the statement jewel-toned walls. Bold colors instantly add character to residential spaces without much investment. Although cool, clean colors will always remain a popular option especially here in Alabama, we believe that jewel-toned walls and vibrant, edgy colors can breathe life into any space.  

5. Flexible Multi-Use Spaces  

Home design trends have been changing in the recent past, and they are sure to continue changing into the future. One trend that isn't likely to change is the demand for flexible multi-use spaces in residential homes.  Swapping out dedicated living and dining rooms for multipurpose areas is only limited by the occupant's imagination. These flexible areas will be customized by incorporating sliding doors and other movable dividers. And as the family's needs change, occupants can easily modify their living spaces to accommodate their current needs.   

If you're ready to start planning and designing a new home, these are some of the trends you can keep in mind.  

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