2019 Trends in Commercial Building Architecture

Posted January 30, 2019 | Tags: Commercial Building Trends

With 2019 already rolling in, it's becoming evident which trends are taking over. And when it comes to commercial architecture, you might be surprised at what's new. Years of plain and minimalist designs are giving way to deco skyscrapers and loft-style buildings. Whether you're planning to build or merely doing renovations, looking at the commercial architecture trends of 2019 can give you some much-needed inspiration for your project.

Here are five current trends to watch out for this year.    

Indoor -Outdoor Living  

Indoor-outdoor designs have been very popular in previous years, and there's no sign that this trend is slowing down in 2019. What we are likely to see is this trend being further integrated into commercial properties as businesses look for new ways to seamlessly integrate the outside with the inside. Top trends include side walls that fold up leaving only a roof above.  And by using the same materials for both inside and outside partitions, as well as designing them in a similar way, it creates a continuous space that allows people to enjoy both worlds at the same time. This trend is likely to become more popular with restaurants, hotels, malls, entertainment centers, and even private workplaces.  

Multi-Purpose Spaces  

Forget about commercial spaces that only serve one purpose. As our lives become more fast-paced, the demands of our working and living spaces must also keep up. Places to eat, places to exercise and places to relax are now commonplace with commercial buildings.  Walk into a restaurant at 9 a.m. in the morning, and you'll find people having informal meetings and catching up on their work. The boundaries of where people can work have extended, and commercial buildings need to accommodate this change. This is one trend that won't go away anytime soon   

Eco-friendly Designs  

This is another trend that will undoubtedly continue to be relevant in 2019. As global warming becomes a menace in our lives, we are tasked with the responsibility of building environmentally friendly designs. Eco-friendly isn't just about the materials used in construction; it is about maximizing daylight, heat flow, and passive solar energy. Ensuring the building is designed to utilize and maximize everything in its surrounding environment can lead to a significant reduction in electricity costs. Similarly, non-environmentally friendly materials are likely to be discarded in favor of green materials that are more sustainable.   


Integrating authenticity in commercial establishments has become a crucial part of making restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and offices feel warm, comfortable and more relaxing. To achieve this, architects need to find a way to connect the digital world with natural experiences generated by day-to-day relationships. This means they must incorporate character-rich yet appealing designs into commercial spaces, which can range from local and antique features to commissioning art for people to find a way to connect with the present.   

Smart and Innovative Features  

Innovation has led to an increase in demand for smart technology in commercial buildings. You already have the ability to open your garage door and turn on lights in your house using a mobile device. Similar ideas may soon be adopted in commercial architecture as businesses strive to tap into the latest technology.  

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