Finding the Right Architect for Your Building Project

Posted February 8, 2016 | Tags: commercial architect

Finding the Perfect Architect for You

All architects have the same base of knowledge, and pass the same requirements to gain board certifications and licensure, but that doesn’t mean all architects are the same.

When starting a new project, it’s imperative that you choose an architect based on aligned visions, a creative portfolio that you enjoy, and a personality that blends well with members of your current team.

Find the Right Architect for Your Project

Architects are trained in a wide variety of fields, but there’s no denying that some may have more experience in certain areas than others. The first step in finding the right architect for you is searching for a firm that specializes in the type of project you are doing.

There are three major types that describe almost all projects—new construction, renovations of all sizes, and additions or extensions. Architects that focus mainly on new, commercial construction may not be as prepared to design a small, private bathroom addition, and vice versa.

It takes an experienced architect to know which projects they and their firm are suited for, and which they should recommend to peers.

A local architect is your best bet for all projects, even expansive buildings. Local architects have complete knowledge of the local building codes, permits, and regulations, and can walk you through every step of the permitting process.

Keep in mind that all permits are the responsibility of the owner and that almost all renovations require a building permit, but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. A local architect is your best bet when it
comes to ensuring that your new building is compliant with all codes and regulations.

It’s also important to understand what services you need from an architect, and not be pressured into paying for something you’ll never use. Being flexible and accommodating is a sign of a trustworthy and professional architectural firm—your best bet for a highly cooperative, creative, and positive architect.

When working with a firm or an individual architect, you should feel comfortable and aligned. The contracts, plans, and other paperwork that the two of you go over and decide on should be straightforward, and transparent.

Not Just Technical Skills

Deciding on an architect is one-part professional connection and one-part personal. Finding an architect that becomes a cohesive member of your team is imperative to a good working relationship.  New construction, renovations, and additions are all stressful—there’s no need to add a rigid or frustrating personality. The ideal architect for you is personable, creative, and capable of both giving and receiving constructive feedback.

Finding the right type of architect for your project can be just as intimidating as the project itself. Don’t let it become completely overwhelming.

Remember these three important criteria when selecting an architect: keep your search local, find an architect that has vision, creativity, and a positive personality.

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