5 Ways a Good Architect Can Save Your Marriage

Posted May 6, 2020 | Tags: Residential and Home Architecture

It’s no secret that designing a home can be stressful on a marriage. Between budgets, layout, and design elements, there are a lot of decisions that must be made, and it’s not always easy to make compromises on a significant investment.
Here are five ways a good architect can help keep your marriage intact:

  1. Understanding your overall design
Building a home can be a long, detailed, and complicated process. However, the design portion of planning doesn’t have to be that way. After choosing an architect, they will want to gather information about your budget and design preferences. They will also want to know what your life is like and any future plans that could involve your home- like growing your family or accommodating elderly parents. A good design can help accommodate your family’s future.
  1. Budget estimation
When designing a home, estimating your budget can be tricky. Some people are willing to pay a higher price for the right aesthetic and design, while others want to stick to a tight budget. With so many variables to keep in mind, it’s difficult to know how to prepare. A good architect can assist you in estimating the costs. Architects have ample knowledge of materials, finishes, contractor costs. When drafting a plan for your home, your architect will use your budget to determine square footage and other design elements so that you stay on budget.
  1. Knowledge of options
Good architects are pros at designing a home around your lifestyle. While we all have different priorities and ideas for our home, architects can help merge these ideas into a highly functional space. In addition to creating a space that meets your lifestyle needs, architects can also assist in choosing finishes for your home. When it comes to design elements, sometimes it’s difficult to find a way to compromise. However, an architect can simplify your options and help you and your spouse choose design elements that align with both of your preferences.
  1. Biggest bang for your buck
In addition to budgeting, an architect will help you get the biggest bang for your buck. Several plans chosen from plan books or architects with little experience contain design errors. These design errors can end up costing a lot of time and money. Finding an architect who designs high-quality, detailed plans will save you and your partners’ budget and protect your investment.
  1. Trust
Finding the right contractor or laborers to build your home can be stressful, especially when you are making decisions about your future home. Architects can help alleviate this stress. When challenges arise on the construction site, an architect works with the contractors and engineers to make decisions that preserve the overall design of the home. Knowing that your architect has your best interest in mind can make your home’s construction less stressful for you and your spouse.

While building a home can be stressful, there is no reason to carry the burden alone. Overall, finding the right architect can save you and your spouse time, money, and a lot of the headache that comes along with building your home.

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