5 Reasons Why The Kitchen Has Become The Center Of The Home

Posted November 21, 2018 | Tags: kitchens in homes

Of course, the saying that home is where the heart is having quite a bit of merit to it. But have you ever wondered where the heart of the home is? Why, the kitchen, of course!

A house can have multiple sitting rooms, lounges, bathrooms, and bedrooms. It can have a lot of many types of room, but it almost always only has one kitchen. This room has also evolved quite a lot since our days in the cave. It used to be no more than a fireplace.

Today it comes with state of the art finishing’s and appliances. But what, exactly, makes the kitchen so central to any house? Let’s find out.

It’s where you get your Food

We all draw a connection between our food and certain familiar things in life. Some of us associate it with health. Others associate it with comfort. Whatever we associate it with, we all instinctively head to the kitchen to get our daily fix of nutrition. Food is central to our survival; so much so that many wars have been fought over it. The source of that food is the kitchen. That is why no one ever gets bored with the kitchen.

It’s where the Family bonds

Kitchens often double as sitting areas where the family can sit and share a meal. But meals aren’t the only things they share in this space. They often share conversations as well and take the time to both eat and bond. As a result, the kitchen isn’t just where great cuisines are enjoyed; it is also the place where great relationships are built.

The Kitchen is the first Place kids learn to offer a helping hand

The kitchen is important to the growth and development of your children. They don’t just get the nutrition crucial to their growth here; they also learn a lot about responsibility. They usually start wanting to help or are asked to help in the kitchen. The chores they do in the kitchen and the help they offer their parents in cooking goes a long way in teaching them to become responsible adults.

The Kitchen increases the Value of the Home

There is a rule of thumb that always rings true in the housing industry. If you’re looking to increase the value of your home and can only remodel one room in that house, your best bet is to remodel the kitchen. It is the very first place most prospective buyers look at when they visit the property. If the kitchen isn’t a beautiful and efficient place that they like, buyers will often rule out the entire house.

The Kitchen is literally the Center of the Home

The kitchen isn't just metaphorically the heart of the home. It is also quite literally the heart of the home. It is where the day starts for most members of the family, whether it is by having breakfast there or doing some chores. It is where people who otherwise never have time together will tend to meet. It is where the delicious meals of the day are made and where the life of the party sometimes is. No matter how different the occupants of a house are, they typically converge in the kitchen.

What is your kitchen experience?  Meals? Relationships? Or just Chores? 

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