4 Must Haves for the Modern Workplace

Posted February 5, 2020 | Tags: workplace, workspace, natural lighting

In recent years, businesses have thought beyond crowded cubicles and cinder block walls. They now realize the importance of aesthetic and how it influences employees and customers. While implementing concepts that promote employee well-being is obviously beneficial for workers, they also contribute to productivity and a business’s bottom line. When designing a workspace, utilizing these four features help create a positive atmosphere.

  1. Wise use of space
Over the past few years, workspaces have been reforming to accommodate new mindsets. While having your own space to work is still necessary; having an area to collaborate with your team is equally as important. Designing a workspace focused on mobility is helping many businesses succeed. Besides having a communal space, modern workspaces provide features that make it possible to work from almost anywhere in the building. Incorporating plenty of outlets for laptops and chargers, comfortable furniture, and an open layout are a few design elements that can help drive success.
  1. Natural lighting
Another essential feature to incorporate in your workspace is natural light. In an age where office gyms and standing desks are not unheard of, a recent study from Future Workplace found that employees desired a simpler aspect- natural light. Besides improving mental health and sleep quality, exposure to natural light can also boost productivity by as much as 20%. Another study found that incorporating natural light into the workspace reduces eyestrain, headaches, and drowsiness. With the right design, natural light can also save money on energy costs. Overall, employees feel that a workspace with natural light improves their well-being and makes them more a more satisfied employee.
  1. Plants
Plants are another popular enhancement to the modern workspace. Biophilic design focuses on bringing the outside in, and its benefits are changing the workplace. Incorporating natural elements into the workspace helps relieve stress and produce cleaner air. Studies show that plants in the work environment increases profitability. Having plants nearby triggers a chemical response that reduces anxiety. Like natural light, plants can also increase productivity, create a healthier work environment, and even contribute to better attendance.
  1. Customizable office space
Customizable office space is another critical feature to incorporate in a modern workspace. Providing employees with the ability to customize an office space based on their specific needs easily encourages success. Non-restrictive offices that can be rearranged to suit the needs of employees contribute to a creative and accommodating environment. Communal spaces that can be used for meetings or as an alternative workspace can also provide much-needed flexibility. It is vital all areas in the building are designed to be technology-friendly so that spaces can be considered multi-purpose.

A Modern Workspace
When designing a modern workspace, it’s important to incorporate elements that will help your business succeed. Finding an architect that knows how to implement these features and expand on your own ideas is the key to creating a space that allows your company to thrive.

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