2020 Architectural Trends

Posted January 15, 2020 | Tags: Architectural Trends

With 2020 newly underway, projected architectural trends of the new decade are taking shape.

Continuing the trend of recent years, 2020 looks again to a new generation of homes and businesses that maximize space and cut down on environmental waste. Houses are projected to accentuate artistic and architectural decisions, rather than using every dollar to create more space.

While the modern farmhouse look doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon, here are new trends that are projected to grow in the upcoming decade.

  1. Sustainable Building Materials
With the new generation of home builders becoming more aware of our planet’s health, not surprisingly, using sustainable building materials is increasing in popularity. While many people think of this process as incorporating expensive, specialty products, utilizing sustainable building materials can actually be more cost-efficient.

Whether it’s using recycled materials to save money now, or installing solar panels to save money over time, sustainable construction is a way to contribute to the environment and your pocketbook. With eco-friendly construction options becoming more obtainable, architects and builders have found several ways to reduce the human carbon footprint and create new possibilities for a sustainable future.
  1. Natural Light
Home and business owners of this generation seem to understand the benefits of utilizing natural light. Whether it’s incorporated in office buildings or residential homes, studies show that natural light increases the comfort and productivity of a space and helps reinforce human circadian rhythms.

Not only do large windows and glass-paneled doors allow ample light to flow into an office building or home, but they can actually increase the value of your space. Talking to an architect about how to position your home and use daylight wisely will help you create a naturally lit, comfortable space.
  1. Weather Resiliency
While climate change is a hot topic in politics, one thing we can all agree on is that it’s not fun to worry about safety during a significant weather event. Whether it’s tornados, flooding, or hurricanes, new homes and offices are being built in ways that can help deter major damage.

A good architect can help you find viable solutions for creating a safer home. Incorporating a safe room, using weather-resistant building materials, or creating the right house plan can contribute to creating a space that’s resilient to significant weather events.
  1. Energy Efficiency
Energy efficiency is another architectural aspect projected to increase in popularity. While creating an energy-efficient design can depend on many factors, finding the right architect is the key to success. A good architect can inform you of your options for building materials, layout, the structural position on your lot, and other energy-saving methods. Knowing your options can help limit carbon emissions, create a more weather-resistant home, and save you money by reducing energy costs.

A New Decade

While these trends can save builders money, they are also a tribute to a generation of environmentally conscious home builders. If you are looking to build a home in 2020, find an architect who is knowledgeable and eager to bring your passions to life. 

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