An Architects View: The Booming State of Commercial Building

Posted April 4, 2018 | Tags: commercial building, storefront

With the economy starting to see a bounce and an upswing once more, commercial buildings are on the rise again. The government is showing a healthy level of interest in the infrastructure required to incentivize business expansion and commercial buildings are cropping up at an increasing rate.

Having a design for a new commercial building isn’t enough. To make your building reflect your business, you need an architect spearheading your project.

Many people do not understand why they might need to include an architect for their project. For starters, having an architect on board seems to bring more expenses to the project. It also seems unnecessary for certain projects because a potential client can incorrectly think that the project is simple enough to be done without an architect. As many people have come to realize, however, there is hardly ever a simple project.

There will always be complications and nuances that require a trained professional to tackle. There are many things that make an architect valuable to your commercial building project.

1. The Functional Aspects of Design

An architect is trained from the first moment they attend university to maximize on every square inch of space they design. Depending on your needs, you will need a certain kind of design to be executed on your building. This involves a lot of different factors, from the energy circulation throughout the building to the spatial relationships of the different components. An architect has an intimate understanding of all the different methods available to tackle these design problems.
2. The Aesthetic Aspects of Design

Apart from being functional, a commercial building should have some aesthetic appeal. An architect understands this and has been trained to include this aspect in your project. Whatever statement you want to make with your building, an architect can help you make that statement in the best way possible.

3. An Architect will Build You a Durable Building

A well-trained architect understands everything that goes into making a building durable and is capable of building you something that will last.

4. Permits and Regulations

For most buildings, one of the requirements of getting a permit is having a licensed architect as part of the project. This is because the architect is required to prepare all the design documents as well as oversee the construction. Architects are specifically trained to understand what goes into making a building fit for occupation.

5. An Understanding of the Current Trends

An architect is in tune with all the latest building trends. Whether it is the use of smart technology, the implementation of an open floor plan, or the incorporation of eco-friendly design into the project, an architect will give you a design that will get reflect current trends and last into the future.

As you can see an architect is a vital component of your commercial building project. Bill Whittaker, Registered Architect, is an experienced architect that can help you design and construct the perfect building for your business. Give us a call today to discuss your project and the best next steps.


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