Great Examples of Recycled Building Material in Architecture
Posted July 18, 2018 | Permalink

Green design and building have become one of the most essential ideas of the architectural industry. Sustainable design is something that every architect aspires to, and so many innovations and initiatives have come about in recent years. One of these initiatives is the use of recycled materials in architecture.

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How The World Cup Has Influenced Stadium Design
Posted July 10, 2018 | Permalink

Greeks built the first predecessor of the modern stadium, when they carved out of the hill around an amphitheater stone steps where people could sit to relax and have a great view of the arena. This idea is at the heart of the design principle of a modern stadium design. But the evolution of stadia and their perceived function impacting the definition of a good stadium is constantly changing. Perhaps the most popular kind of stadium globally is the soccer stadium, and the greatest influence on...

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Education buildings are the places where the minds of the next generation are molded in order to take the mantle and lead the community into the future. As a consequence, these buildings are very important and their design is something worth considering. The trends in this sector have been somewhat interesting. They remained pretty much the same for centuries before undergoing a drastic change in the beginning of this century. The beauty of the sector is that the trends are much easier to spot a...

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Trends in Residential Architecture
Posted June 12, 2018 | Permalink

Trends are very important to residential architecture. They define the salient vibe of a generation and give that generation a character that will live on through the ages. When we talk about different types of past architectures today, such as gothic, colonial, Georgian, Victorian, what we’re really talking about the defining trends of the period....

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Wood has been used in residential constructions since we started building houses. This versatile building material has survived through the ages and, despite mistaken claims that it is expensive, has proven to be one of the most cost-effective, renewable, and environment friendly building materials out there.

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